Reworking how I use my blog

This rework has been a while in the making. My previous site was no longer inspiring me to add new content, so I’m repurposing it ….. as a blog … which is what it was before. What will be different is the site will no longer be directly relevant to my business. That will be taken care of elsewhere.
While you might not see a lot of activity here, there is some going on in the background, including new plugins, new resources for me to play with so that I can re-engage with the stories of living.
Even though there isn’t much to see around here yet, you can still get in touch.

If you want to talk to me about coaching, especially if you are a woman around 50 looking at re-navigating your life, why not set up an appointment for a free 45-minute chat. Maybe we can figure something out together!

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