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Eccentrics Rule

I’ve heard it said, that Eccentrics march to a different drummer. Maybe so.

We’re not all purple socks (where do I get some?) and fancy hats (I have some already). We’re usually pretty good at recognising reality, and don’t always stick our heads in the sand, or ignore everyone for the sake of our own weirdness. It’s just that we don’t look at the world straight on. We’re often awkward and slightly odd. Sometimes, unintentionally funny, and very often incredibly competent.

We could also rule the world. Why bother when there are so many other things to do!?

Some personal beliefs

  • There are more than 2 sides to everything
  • more than one way to do anything
  • it’s sometimes better to have three people in a partnership than two.
  • I can shape my world, or let the world shape me.
  • No matter what happens, I can choose my perspective.

Some facts

I’ve lived long enough to have been married (more than once). Divorced and been pregnant. I have grandchildren. I’ve been abused, fired and misunderstood.

I’ve held the hand of a pregnant woman over the phone as she’s feared for her life. I’ve prayed with a young woman as she feared for the life of her grandmother. I’ve calmed frazzled nerves and arrested people for breaking the law.

I can look at a system and see where it will fail. I’ve been accused of being able to see the future and I’m thankful that witch burning is not legal where I live.

I’ve started businesses – several and many of them failures – mostly because I wasn’t interested then. I am interested now.

I have successful relationships where the participants are equals. I know how to earn a living and what it costs in doing it on someone else’s terms. I didn’t take advantage of the benefit of a post-secondary education – the schooling was too rigid for my eccentric being.

I study and read everyday. I have an eclectic taste in people, books, movies and wine. I’m well versed in literature, neuroscience, gardening, sewing and creating things. I have 99% dexterity in my right hand and 98% in my left. I can handle a firearm. I can read upside down.

I stand with many scientists in the view that Artificial Intelligence is a concern for humanity. And I enjoy staying current with technology. I think that it is a great servant and a poor master. I understand the software that makes a computer run, and I prefer the software of the human heart.

I believe the world is neither black nor white. Nor is it shades of grey. I believe it is colourful and that I get to paint it anyway I want it. My reality isn’t yours, nor yours mine. Every reality has its challenges and its joys.

My motivating passion is the energetic evolution of our humanity. To embrace the incredible lightness of being when one is clear, transparent and authentically themselves.

The basics

I am human and I am more than the sum of the words on this page. I love cats and wine and a ripping good book.

You are welcome to hang out with me on this site. You can agree with my perspectives or not. You are welcome to stay or move on.

Eccentric as I may be, just don’t be a jerk about it, or I’ll ask you to leave – which I believe is my responsiblity in the world of my website.