Just Sayin'

Saying Goodbye to The social pile

Reading Time: 2 minutes While I can’t say that the coaching demo added anything helpful to my thoughts about using social media in my business and life, it did cement a course of action.

A Dream from Helen

Reading Time: 4 minutes I found myself standing in a grassy parking lot, watching an older woman – complete with a fetching hat and the kind of handbag mid-century grandmothers used to carry. She turned toward me – and the unknown figure beside me – and wistfully asked: “do you not remember who I am?”


Reading Time: 4 minutes I did an experiment once; I counted, for one day, the number of times I was brain-hijacked. It was about 40 – and here I was thinking I was a calm-and-can-handle-anything-that-life -throws-at-me kinda gal. Ha! I’m just saying it was a bad day!