Saying Goodbye to The social pile

Reading Time: 2 minutes While I can’t say that the coaching demo added anything helpful to my thoughts about using social media in my business and life, it did cement a course of action.

Today is Mum’s Birthday

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Mum was a smart, courageous and funny woman, with a mind of her own. Sometimes it would just be great to sit down and talk with her again.

mindfulness and prayer

The mindfulness of Lent

Reading Time: 2 minutes The act of doing so used to be called ‘examining ones conscience’ – which is rather appropriate since my practice started at the beginning of Lent. Considering Lent now, I see it as an opportunity to prepare myself for something in the future. I am curious to know what I finally learn and embody from this experience.

BEing First

Reading Time: < 1 minute BEing First isn’t about winning, nor is it about beating others, or even helping others, it’s about knowing who you are and what you stand for relative to the world around you.

girl on a train platform

Making It Matter

Reading Time: 2 minutes Personal leadership isn’t about asking the hard questions. It’s about listening for the secret answer – and acting on it without analysing it.

The Answer Lies Within

Reading Time: 2 minutes We live – as every generation does – in interesting times. The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. And faster is not necessarily better. Leadership is not driven through reaction, it is driven from a deep well of clarity about what is fundamentally the right action at the right time. It’s about agility, risk, expansion and the chaos of creation.