Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters

Personal Policy

I’m a human being, first and foremost. Now that you have come to my website, we are no longer anonymous to one another.

If I told you something important to me, something private, and maybe even a little shameful, I would be wildly hurt if I found out you’d told someone else. And I’d be hard-pressed to trust you again; there would be lots of work to be done in order for that to happen.

The words on this site are mine, and as such, they will tell you a lot about me. Please don’t steal them and pretend they are yours.

I use technology to gather information about you and even get you to give me your email address.

That’s just part of us getting to know each other.

Professional Policy

As a trained and certified neuro-transformation and leadership coach, I am bound to professional ethics that prohibit me from sharing the contents of our time together.

I hear many things. Stories of pain and pleasure; challenge and redemption; so confidentiality is one of the important values that I hold.

Another is transparency. I need to also let you know that, under some circumstances, I may not be able to hold confidentiality with you.

It’s quite simple really, your story is yours to tell. If you tell it to me, it is still your story, and I don’t have the right to tell it in any way that would attach it directly to you, and expose you. And certainly not without your permission.

I don’t sell, or knowingly share, your information with someone else. As I value my privacy, I also value yours.

Down below is the long and necessary legal stuff that I need to mention. It’s about what information I gather about you, just by you being on this site, and what I use it for. It looks more intimidating than it really is. It’s designed to protect us both, and it has been crafted with this in mind – even if it does read like something for which both a dictionary and a thesaurus would be helpful!

The short version

I gather IP addresses, first names, and email addresses – since I like to be able to call you by your first name and send you an email now and again. I might even ask you for your phone number, depending on how much we decide to talk together. If you buy something from me, you use my site to share your information with the payment gateway. I might check out how many people visit, and what they look at. I do this so I can adjust how I write about my services. If you comment on my site or reach out to me, I want to know who you are so I can respond properly.

If any of this is offensive to you, then feel free to find another website that suits your style more. I won’t be hurt – just thankful for your discernment.

The [Very] long version

Privacy Policy