Saying Goodbye to The social pile

Saying Goodbye to The social pile

A couple of weeks ago, I sat through a podcast recording with a coach that I know. I’d volunteered a subject that I’ve gone backwards and forwards on for some time now – and that is using social media to promote my business.

I’ve always been, and still am, an ‘early adopter’ when it comes to playing around with new software, or making an automation to make the ‘administrivia’ jobs – my term for things like filing digital receipts – easier. Suffice to say, I like what technology can do.

I got a LinkedIn account some years ago (~2005) and a FB page under various email addresses about as long ago as well. Twitter was another interesting option that I signed on to.

So why was I being coached around the ‘social media’ thing? Firstly, the podcast coach asked if I had a subject, and absent anything current that I hadn’t already shared with my real-life coach, I decided to offer up one of those little niggly subjects that never seem to get themselves off the fence and into action, or into the trash bin.

I guess I just don’t like what social media can (and does) do. If you’ve hung around me for long you will know that I often say “Technology is a great servant, and a poor master.”

The podcast, which was due to be aired in November, is a non-starter.

While I can’t say that the coaching demo (in its rough form) made much of a difference to my views around social media, it did cement my next course of action that I’m about to share with you.

I’m cancelling my LinkedIn Page, my FB account and my Twitter account. I won’t miss them because I don’t look at them; they’ve just been hanging around my neck like three giant albatrosses. Their unused presence has taken up enough of my brain bandwidth so it is time for them to go.

This, of course, isn’t really any different from saying ‘goodbye’ to an old friend who is no longer on the same wavelength; or a job that no longer entices your best work. It takes courage to say ‘goodbye’, especially when others tell you why they are staying with something that you’ve chosen to turn your back on.

I’m even now in the process of removing myself from Google – so I won’t be accepting calls from the web marketers who want to put me on top of the Google search engine. I’m even having to go through the software I use. If it relies on Google, I will have to stop using it.

I have more to say about this, but I’ll continue on in my next post – which will be soon.

Meanwhile, what’s your relationship to Social Media and could you live without it for a day and still feel like yourself? Don’t know the answer to that one (and even if you think you do, screw up your courage and give it a try!